Oh Satan You Are The King

Oh Satan you are the king
It is you that makes me want to sing
Satan is the name of the true master
Who can save the world much faster
than that lousy Jesus Christ

Satan gives real meaning to life
God brings the world much strife
I love Satan like the Pope loves lies
Jesus Christs corpse is covered in flies.

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8 Responses to Oh Satan You Are The King

  1. Calvin Curtiss says:

    Awesome poem,
    And I agree
    Satan actually cares for us and protects us,
    Unlike the false Christian god and his worthless ass son jesus christ,
    Satan is Sexy,Brilliant,Benevolent,Omnipresent,Powerful,Comppassionate,Generous
    and Perfect in avery inconceivable way possibele.
    Satan is our Father and True creator God
    Hail Satan

  2. Fallen says:

    I’m a Satanist, but I do have a sense of humor with it. I want to share a hilarious story someone recently told me:
    There was a stupid teenage kid totally tweeking on LSD. He was performing his first Satanic ritual & he had it all set up. He was standing in the center of the pentagram w/ the black candles lit. He had decided to perform the ritual naked as a sign of his submission. Anyway, he looked up & began praying. But he was so loaded he lost his balance, stepping right in one of the candles. He screamed & fell head first into the bathroom sink & knocked all his front teeth out. When he fell, it knocked the candle onto the bathroom rug, & the whole room caught on fire. His cologne spilled all over him, & when the fire got close to him, he went up in flames.
    So he ran out of his house, naked, screaming, & on fire. His cat was asleep on his front porch, & when he was running he kicked the cat, & he fell down the porch steps. The cat went sailing through the air, flew into some old lady’s face & started clawing her. She started running & screaming, & smacked into a telephone pole. She was taken to the hospital for a concussion. I don’t know what the hell happened to the kid, but his parents probably did get a little pissed.

  3. Unlike Mr. Curtiss (whom I love dearly, compassionately and completely), I do not believe that Satan is anything more than a creation of man’s mind…

    That being said, I yearn to understand the overwhelming response that GenY provides in reaction to “Satanism.” I suspect that most are merely misinformed children… of God’s… who look to rebellion and controversy for comfort.

    I have begun (reluctantly, I must say) a small research project… to learn more about this (IMHO) faux religion, its founders and its many adherents… I, too, have sought the truth… and I, too, have encountered many philosophies… and religions… not to mention cults.

    In my search, however… and in my yearning to understand all that is… both natural and supernatural… I have been guided — and bound! — by principles which go back to my youth… and, in many instances, predate my generation, as well as that of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great(2)-grandparents, great(3)-grandparents, etc.

    True, there was a time when I was more rebellious… and that rebellion costed me much pain, grief, and delay… in seeking The Truth. I was side-tracked for a time… while I sorted through the confusion and refutation… finally realizing that I had been rebelling for the sake of rebellion… and for no other reason… In short, I was — like the character played by James Dean — a Rebel without a Cause! LOL

  4. ronald B. hamburg says:


  5. Jesus Christ is the only one God in our world. Believe in Him, He saves you in all evil like satan the god of demons….

  6. ronald B. hamburg says:

    PLEASE HATE SATAN……………………………………………….

  7. that one kid says:

    hello, atheist here

  8. joanh yannis says:

    I am new to being satanist, but i loved the poem. anybody got any pointers for me as a dedicated satanist? thanks.


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