Free Evil Wallpaper

Free Satanic Desktop Wallpaper

There are many more to come so please bookmark this page and check back often. You will get tons of free evil/Satanic computer desktop background wallpaper.

To make any picture your computer desktop backgroundwallpaper:

 Right Click and choose ‘Set as Background’

Free Satanic Desktop Wallpaper

Satanic Evil Desktop Wallpaper

Satanic Evil desktop Wallpaper

Free Satanic Desktop Wallpaper

Free Satanic Computer Desktop background wallpaper

free satanic evil computer desktop wallpaper backgrounds

Evil Clown Computer Desktop Background wallpaper

Satanic Picture of Upside Down Cross

Satanic Picture of Upside down cross Desktop Wallpaper

Satanic Picture of Jesus computer desktop background wallpaper

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40 Responses to Free Evil Wallpaper

  1. Dark Knight says:

    These are some pretty creepy cool desktop backgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Doom Queen says:

    You should try selling these satanic background images on ebay. You could put them on a disc a call it Satanic Desktop Wallpaper. or Evil Satanic Background or something like that.

  3. Panthean says:

    … An inverted cross is not a symbol of evil… it’s the cross of Saint Peter, and is the symbol of the Catholic Church.

  4. For the Love of Satan says:

    The inverted cross was not originally a symbol of evil and Satan but it is now much like the swastika was not originally a symbol of evil and the Nazis but was used by Hitler and it became a symbol of evil.

  5. Baskara says:

    LITANI TIL SATAN . . . . \m/ \m/

  6. Man you really should think about some of the stuff you are saying on your website. “It has been said the Ouija Board can bring an evil demon (demons are not evil, its the angels that impersonate them that are) or another malicious entity into our world or our dimension.” “Free Evil (dark backgrounds and creepy things are not evil and neither is Satan) Wallpaper” as much as I like creepy shit. This gives a bad name to Satanism. If you don’t understand Satanism is not about evil why are you speaking publicly on our behalf, (christians and others will see this site) it seems on your website you are mixing truth with lies. Also Alister Crowley used hebrew shit and believed in animal and possibly human sacrifices, and went insane before he died. Thats hardly someone to look up to.
    Hail Satan
    The Indigo Nation


    Your innocence forsaken
    Upon that cross
    You gave Yourself for us
    Carried into Your freedom

    Our broken past replaced in
    A second chance
    The chains have come undone
    Death defied in the Father’s love

    We are,
    Living to make Your Name high Jesus
    Living to make Your Name high Jesus You,
    Gave what the world couldn’t offer us
    Say what they want, Say what they want
    We are free

    The atmosphere is changing,
    Oh can You hear
    The people rising up
    In the hope of Your freedom

    Our former ways are breaking
    We seek Your face,
    God let Your kingdom come
    In our praises be lifted up

    With eyes on high we praise You
    And with one voice we come together
    Our one desire to praise You
    And lift You up in our surrender

    With eyes on high we praise You
    And with one voice we come together
    Our one desire to praise You
    And lift You up ‘cause we are

  8. another!!!!!!

    Savior I come
    Quiet my soul remember
    Redemptions hill
    Where Your blood was spilled
    For my ransom
    Everything I once held dear
    I count it all as lost

    Lead me to the cross
    Where Your love poured out
    Bring me to my knees
    Lord I lay me down
    Rid me of myself
    I belong to You
    Lead me, lead me to the cross

    You were as I
    Tempted and trialed
    You are
    Te word became flesh
    Bore my sin and death
    Now you’re risen

    To your heart
    To your heart
    Lead me to your heart
    Lead me to your heart

  9. natas says:

    I love SATAN

  10. Lord Belial says:

    Stupid christians can’t keep their mouths shut. Fuckin ass nine know it all the terrorists are right in killing christians. Fucking douche bags. Hail Satan

  11. son of satan666 says:

    @son of jesus christ, son of satan666 here hey my self righteuous nut case do you guys actually believe in the bullshit you preach, man who gives a fuck where you go I dont but son of jerk off christ remember you in this world and though you believe in that he is greater than he who is in the world your part of this and you preach that shit how many people have died in gods name ,three proffessed monothiestic religions all claim theyre doing gods work and the devil is causing mankind to fall, If you militant self righteuous asshole would stop read all you can find on belief systems and use an open mind and you ll realize its not Satan thats killed and Decieved man you did your religion did all in the name of god and the child killing were likely to sacrifice the pervert and a few naughty christians before theres any thought of that we love and cherish nature and life, our life is here and now what if you died today jacking off somewhere then out of nowhere boom some dude blows yr head off and yr dead but you were jacking off committing fornication and spilling your seed and didnt have time to pray you died a sinner you fell from grace what kind of god is that so dont pray for me lol cause Ill curse you, go watch your mom undress ok.. Me

  12. All Hail JESUS CHRIST says:

    Fuck All Yall Satanistic People !!! Jesus Is Real And All Yall Satan Lovers Is Goin Straight The Fuck To Hell !!!!! Yall Gone Wish Yall Had Listened To Wat The Preacher In The M-Effin Church Said When Yall Sittin Down There Wit Ya Lil Friend Lucifer !!! The Only Reason Why I Am On Here Is Because This Dumass Boy Beside Me In Spanish Classs Is Lookin Up Upside Down Crosses So I Found The Fuckin Site He Got It From And I’m Tellin All Yall Dumasss Bitches What The Fuck Is UP !!!!!!!!!! Fuck All Yall , Your Going To Hell !!

  13. All you fucking christian’s are nothing but slaves
    you will rot on your heaven with your judeo christian jehova shit and his worthless son
    jesus christ and the odious rotten holy spirit
    stop reciting all your stolen and idiotic prayers you son of a bitch FUCK YOU STRAIGHT FROM the one and only GOD SATAN/LUCIFER


  14. @all slaves for judeochristianity
    here’s a story from me to you
    jesus christ created man and woman to condemn sin
    then i will impregnate a woman with myself as her child
    so that i can be born,once born alive I will kill myself as a sacrifice to myself
    to save you from the sin I originally condemned you to..
    You BITCHES are right your god and you jesus loves you but he thinks your a CUNT cause your made from his image and he himself is a CUNT

  15. zachary says:

    praise the lord and pass the tater tots u guys are fuckin retarded good luck while the devil rapes ur ass with his 38 inch dick

  16. For the Love of Satan says:

    Why sling insults? If you are a Christian, you should have expressed tolerance and said you were going to pray for me. I assume you have zero faith in what you believe, or shall I say, what you were forced/taught to believe. You were indoctrinated to believe these foolish things about God and Jesus Christ. Are you to scared to admit there is NO aftrelife, when you die it’s “lights out”. I am not going to HELL because there is no HELL and I can safely say God is an asshole and Jesus Christ is a worthless piece of shit, JUST LIKE YOU !!

  17. Virus says:

    Christ reign is Over
    His Gone And never exist again…

  18. Marthanda666 says:

    All you christians just to words for you FUCK OFF…dim witted shit bugs u believe in any thing and everything abt ur fake dickless god…jesus got his ass kicked all over jerusalem for talking shit…just like u guys…is mary truely a virgin? did u guys tested her or what?sick ass bastards…

  19. praise god with yr heart!!!! says:

    just take the time to seek god and you will find somthing better trust me………………….LOVE GOD!

  20. praise god with yr heart!!!! says:

    god forgives all yall satan worshippers god still LOVES you

  21. Islam says:

    You satanists are pussies man, I fear Allah more than the cocksucking, pussyeating, snitch ass satan. Satan is a bitch, he betrayed Allah and thinks with you stupid ugly fucks anything gonna change. Allah created gaytan, he has seen satan from his birth and prior to it, so what is this faggot witha polka dot bikini gonna do to Allah? Nothing except beg for forgiveness!!!! Allah has given him the ability to stay alive until the day of judgement where all you sloppy ugly, hell bound bitches will be burning in eternal fire. Gay boy satan might have promised you all sorts of bullshit but the only thing you will get is an eternity in hell with your enemy – satan, once you die, like it happened to Anton Gayway, you will see Allah and will be punished. Then you will see your fake bitch ass pussy satan and he will tell you the truth and how you called out to him so its your fault. I know this satan bitch motherfucking pussylicking gay dick munching motherfucking pussy has said to you pussyholes “Why be a slave in heaven when you can be a king in hell”…..well be a slave of the devil in hell or be treated as a king in heaven. How can you go against your creator and worship this two bit jealous bicth who is gonna burn so much his mum will get burnt. I hope Allah takes away Satan’s life today so you bitches can realise the truth, forget repenting, you bitches aint got a chance, kill ur selves and u will be wiser. Lastly, 2 billion muslims out of 7 billion people, just like the quran says there will be more muslims than any religion in the world and it will take over europe, america and eventually over you bitches and you will all be made slaves hopefully! See you in hell……actually i wont be there inshallah but you cocksuckers will along side satan, crowley, lavey, obama, bush and all other satanists! Pussies, Islam is the true religion of God, nothing you bitches can do to us and nothing can be done about your destiny….9 commandments of satan lololololololol more like 9 ways to go directly to jail. You are all my enemies and If I had the chance, i swear to Allah i would kill all of you in an instant, without any thought, and no i aint a terrorist, i wouldnt bomb anyone, i would use a spoon to stan every single one of u. Then i would love to dig up anton laveys body and cut him up and feed him to my 6 dogs along with all your genitals…bitches!! Please go to hell!!!!

  22. SKRATCH HARD says:

    This is a Highly BLASPHEMOUS site…The love of satan is like the love of an Empty Vessel..How can an Empty vessel promise u water when it is but empty…How can satan promise one life when he is but an Automaton manufactured by God….U satanists believe u can help Satan win by Unionization of World otherwise known as Globalization..Thats quite Ironic, cuz this Lucifer Satan in whom u are well pleased KNOWS FOR A FACT that he’s only trying in his Wait for Destruction to get the most Weakest of humanity to Dip their Hands in the dirt he’s en massed…..Weak men are not men with detoriated health…But men with who’s been enslaved by the cravens of the world like Power, Money, Property, Status, Class, Face, Vengeance and Fame…So tell me Luciferians, if satan is so good, why doesnt he give u everything for free…Why the MONTHLY RITUALS…why the ANNUAL HUMAN AND ANIMAL SACRIFICES to images and demons… The Things made by God are FREE…The air that u breath thru ur nostrils..The Trees, Sea. These are all FREE cus they’re made by God..Now, How can satan give u RICHES when u dont have the Precious Breath Of Life which is only given by GOD….Satan has DECEIVED U ALL….GOD IS COMING QUICKER THAN U KNOW….so REPENT while there’s still time….SATAN IS A TRICK!!!

  23. jesus is better then satan!!!!! says:

    DAHM!!!!! this some fucking scary pictures and Jesus can beat the shit out of satan anytime!!!

  24. saba ra gud mu!!!!!!!!!
    for those who can understand only……

  25. Emmanuel Philibus says:

    There is still an opportunity and a hope for the whole world, because the second coming of the son of man (JESUS CHRIST) has not taken place yet, even though he is standing at the door! For the Bible says “He that dwell in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1). Surely the world is coming to an end either you like it or not. So far I can see so many things that the Bible spoke about has come to pass, other dangerous events will soon take place for the rapture of the saints is at hand. Repent oh you people or perish! People now a days love pleasure than any thing. Even with that, they never and can never get satisfied. Surely JESUS is coming back again and all eyes shall see him.

  26. daniel says:

    Lucifer is not satanic. He should not be displayed as such. Lucifer is the bringer of light not a God who shows the way of darkness and is shown in pictures of fire. He us the path to self enlightenment. Yosa Ben Yoseph is the god of earth (hell) and Lucifer if God of light

  27. tqvenidedamovtyan says:

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  28. fuckyouallsatanists says:

    son of satan666 fuck your mother gaige bozo and your fucking family and this fucking site and fuck satan

  29. For the Love of Satan says:

    Wow, People who claim to love God are really foul. I thought God taught tolerance and love. I guess I was wrong. The followers of “good” religions are just as bad as us. Welcome to Hell !! Hail Satan

  30. R6a6v6en says:


  31. Rotten One 666 says:

    Its not Jesus nor Satan you need to worry about… It is the Ancient Ones. They will return once more… Farewell to all…

  32. TheDarkLordLucifer says:

    Satanic wallpaper is awesome!

  33. Nuadha Blackcrow says:

    All the Christians on this site are fucking stupid. You have no idea what you’re going to be going through when you go to that god forsaken heaven of yours. Hell will always be the best place to go after life. You CHRISTIANS need to learn how to pull your fucking head out of your ass and get a fucking life. Satan will always be my Lord, and shall always help me follow in my life. Satan has not let me down unlike your fucking christian god, and his worthless son jesus. They can never help and never answer prayers. All of these christians need to learn how to understand and see self worth. Do what thy wilt. I sin and I’m happier than I ever used to be in christianity. You’re pathetic CHRISTIANS and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Satan is the person you can trust. He wants to help us unlike you’re christian god. If you’re so christian that why are you all JUDGING when in the bible it says that only GOD can judge others so apparently you’re not all christian are you! Maybe you should look up a couple of things before you start blabbing about the worthless god and his rotten son jesus. Also…You christians need to get the fuck off this website, and go to your little churches and cry because you know when you die you’re not going to be in a good place. Fuckers.



  34. where was god ? says:

    Where was god when I needed him , where was the so called blood of christ that should cleanse me and make me pure ? Christianity is bullshit , where was my so called brothers in christ when I needed them , when I was down and out , no one came , even when I cried out the cowardly christians stood one side and did nothing . Show me a tru christian and I will become one , not even the pope can commit to the ten commandments so we are all fucked in the end

  35. ronald B. hamburg says:


  36. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac says:

    To be honest, I don’t fucking care what your religen is or anything. I’m a christin, BUT, I have friends who don’t belive in hell or haven, I have wikin friends. But In Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (a FUCKING AMAZING COMIC EVEH!!! >:) ) its where Johnny meets God and Satan, he gos to haven and hell ( but gets kicked out or something 😛 ) but anyhow, I would LOVE to go to Hell in JTHM comic… 😀 They have tocos, but in haven… all you do is sit around…and blow other peoples head off… <.< But check out this video…its fucking badass!!! :) Btw, I don't know if I didn't tell yall, I'm a christan BUT I could careless about other peoples religion… ^^ So keep on beleving what yall wan't… :) heres the link… e.e its a music video but its bad ass though!! Enjoy (the only reson I came on here is to share this FUCKING amazing video/comic btw this comic was made by the guy who made invader zim)

  37. God is good says:

    I hope u find god some day he still loves you so you still have chance stop being so fucking stupid!

  38. Charles Gilbert says:

    I use to believe in jesus but zi found it to be slaver, not so witj Satanism. You habe more freedom because Satan doesn’ say thou shalt not do this or that or you will go to hell. And about hell, hell is what you make of it and not a real place but your made up bullshit to scare people into believing in your so called god. So fuck your god and his bastard son.

    HAIL SATAN May Lucifer reign foever

  39. eviltheodora says:

    i worship Satan as my one and only true Master!!! when i die, i pray that i am turned into a Demon & that i burn in the fires of HELL 4 all eternity….Hail Satan, Hail Lucifer,….long may he reign!!!!!!!!!

  40. SATAN MAN says:

    If you think about it, god cant be real because one reason all religions say there is only one god explain that asswipes Also Explain Sin Cause What Ya Said In Bible Which I FUCKING DARE Read is bull SHIT

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