For The Love of Satan

 was designed to spark some morbid curiosity in the dark side of life and death. Evil and Darkness are the most tempting forces on this Earth.

As this verse in ” Temptation” by SLAYER

“Have you ever danced with the devil
His temptation ever summoned you
Ever penned your name in blood
Let possession slowly swallow you
When you stand under full moonlight
The attraction mesmerizes you
Have you ever wondered why
It seems that evil you’re attracted to”

If you ever want to drop me a line,

my email is 666@ForTheLoveOfSatan.com

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  1. Stephanus Jonathan says:

    We will fight against you. We will fight against satan and its follower all over the world. Only Jesus you can serve, only fool serve satan.

    Stephanus Jonathan
    Christian Soldier Anti Satan
    Address: Jl. Petojo Sabangan I No. 54, Kel. Petojo Selatan, Kec. Gambir, Kotamadya Jakarta Pusat, Propinsi DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
    Phone: 62 21 91675094
    Fax.: 62 21 6303500
    E-mail: lunaskaya@yahoo.com
    Mobile: +62 8195027952

  2. 666 says:

    Hello Stephanus,

    •Have you ever slowed down to look at a car accident?
    •Have you ever been entralled by a news story that shows killing or devastation?

    People are curious about dark and evil things which is what ForTheLoveOfSatan.com is dedicated to. I am not a Satan worshipper, I don’t believe any form of religion is correct. Believing in Satan is equally as foolish as believing in God. I also am not an Athiest because being an Athiest takes faith as much as organized religion. I wonder about the truth of the universe and the afterlife. Anyone who thinks they have the answers are the true fools. ALL religions brainwash thier young (including Satanism) to keep their beliefs alive. I was raised Christian, so I am an expert in the Christian faith so I know the lies that are told to their young. ForTheLoveOfSatan.com is dedicated to satisfying the morbid curiosity of man.

  3. Brian C. says:

    Christianity is a bastardized hybrid of plagiarized pagan myth and political strategy. Religion is false and isnothing but mind control. The natural chaos that is this world and the earth’s beauty in chaos is we have. Stephanus wants to kneel but I want to live and enjoy life. How shall I ever peer at the cosmos will I bow to an image. christianity is a culture destroyer, a raper of community and has spilled more blood then any other faith. Your sheepgod is nothing but a fallacy. His story ripped from older gods such as Horus, Mithra and Dionysus. Alas, the blind will never see.

  4. mr. noodle says:

    haha the fact of the matter is that your fight be it for the light or dark is futile, to put my point in numerology 9 is the defiant human just below god, and 11 is the magician above god for he knows and posses the power of god but is bound to nothing, god and satan, light and dark, or good and evil, can be surpassed and you can become a higher functioning being. so go ahead and scwabble, i’ll be in the backround keeping an eye on things.

  5. carlathegreatswimmer says:


  6. SHAHZAIB says:


  7. SHAHZAIB says:


  8. Gus says:

    God is all good satan will leave nothing but a eternity of suffering and hell god is the right path satan is a down right bastard

  9. SheWhoSees says:

    This website, from just a quick overview glance, looks like a Cheap ripoff of the True JoS Website. How does Blaphsmey advance yourself in anyway other than Self-esteem? The Xtian god is a FAKE, it’s a LIE. Xtianity is Nothing but a piece of shit *PROGRAM* used to keep People enslaved, and to steal your Money. The Catholic church is the root of Christianity, Every Dimwitted FOOL can see that. Xtianity and it’s related enslaving. Be free from the lie that is RELIGION. Humanity’s ORIGINAL Religion was Satanisim, it didn’t have a *label* until we had to put one on us, to separate us from the Foul Lies of those 3 ‘religions’ Xtianity, Judaism, and the Murdering lie of Islam. Satan’s true goal was to have humanity be on a Level as that of the Gods, His true meaning for us was for us to achieve The Godhead! NOT TO SLAVISHLY BE WORSHIPPED BY ‘MERE HUMANS!’ If that Xtian ‘god’ was SO FUCKING POWERFUL, *WHY* Would be NEED to be Worshipped? He plays Favourites? The Words ‘Jews’ ‘Israel’ Appears on EVERY FUCKING PAGE Of that FOUL Bible! The Bible Gives those Filthy JEWS a History they’re *NOT* entitled to! » Satan and the Other gods show up in Older myths that PREDATE Xtianity and Judaism by THOUSANDS of Years!!! The GREATEST of Civilisations were Built under Satan’s Rule! The Medieval ages, when the Catholic Church was in it’s ‘Prime’ Was the most hideous of times to live in! The Catholic Church NO LONGER has total rule of humans! THAT ALONE Shows us that the True GOLDEN Age is Reappering! And with the Powerful rise of Satan is Coming up again! With the internet people have the right to read what they want, and see what they want! The Church used to control everything! BUT not anymore! www = 666! The Age Of Aquarius is Here, and you’ll see, Humanity’s TRUE CREATOR *GOD* Satan will establish his RIGHTFUL Kingdom back here on earth, through HIS PEOPLE! We DON’T Worship him! We BEFRIEND HIM!, we Don’t ‘Pray’ and *Hope* to get Answers! He Answers us Immediately through Blatant signs! The Burning days are over, and people have enough freedom to think what they want, and practise any religion! That SHOWS us Satan’s era Is back, It’s obvious how the Church is Losing all Credibility, The Pedophilla Scandals all coming to Light! Our Curses are Working, and we’re Liberating Humanity, just as how Satan Liberated Me and All his people! We look after OURSELVES! He just gives us a Helping hand, I’ll Always be greatful for my Beloved FRIEND and COMRADE in This War for his Kingdom, You can’t help but love someone who Opened your Cage, and your eyes, who Added meaning again to life! LIBERATE YOURSELF TODAY! AND *WATCH* JUST HOW OUR FATHER SATAN HELPS YOU! Visit the Official Website of http://www.JoyOfSatan.org – That’s were we take control of ourselves, for ourselves, Father works behind the scenes, he doesn’t show up every now and again, he’s not a lie, he’s the Truth, His Name means TRUTH in Sanskrit, which is one of the Oldest Languages. Librate yourself now, and today, and open More passages to a happier life in the Arms of my Beloved friend, whom doesn’t need to be Slavishly worshipped, who does not discriminate, he understands us, he’s reached So Called ‘Godhood’ he’s 500,000 years old, not a few hundred years old like the False ‘god’ of Xtianity. You’ll be Far more enlightend than praying and never getting your damn answers, or searching and never finding, and constantly being told to ‘keep the faith’ Satanists don’t take bullshit, so don’t be scared out of clicking this link, A.K.A the link to enlightenment :) http://www.Joyofsatan.com

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